God Must Like The Color Yellow

It’s been four months since we got married & I still look back at these images of our honeymoon as if we’re still there, running around in the wondrous western wilderness. Idaho, Wyoming, Montana: a dream land in the fall and the trees were calling us. Lindsey lived in Wyoming for 3 years and always spoke about going back and experiencing it’s beauty with me. When it came to beach or mountains for our honeymoon, it wasn’t really a competition; trees, mountains, lakes, streams, cowboys… bears, always win.

We rendezvoused in Victor, Idaho for a few days in a quaint airbnb right in town, relaxing after a crazy few months of wedding chaos. Biking around the charming town, we made sure to get a world famous huckleberry milkshake at the Victor Emporium and take a quick peak at the tiny outdoor consignment shop that Kanye frequents for throwback puffy coats. The last day in Victor we made a stop to Jackson Hole, got coffee and treats at Persephone Bakery in town. Since it was still midday and the Cowboy Bar wasn't open, we decided to take a drive about Wyoming & Idaho: a 2 hour loop. It was refreshing to get out in the unknown, Idaho was more beautiful than we'd ever imagined. Everything was damp and we couldn't get over how yummy it all smelled; is this what fresh air truly is?

After Victor we headed north to Montana. On the way we made sure to stop through Yellowstone National Park to explore the great Tetons and the beautiful wildlife that run freely through the park. We said hello to Old Faithful and spotted a beautiful bison just 10 feet off the road. It snowed a bit which was our first sight of snow all year and we talked about how special it was to be on our honeymoon.

After passing through Bozeman for some dinner we landed in Helena (the state capital) at a beautiful Glamping Hub Yurt. Located on a cute little farm just up the road from the Missouri River owned by a man named Rene. On the property was a cowboy bar called The Highlander and a large pig named Bacon. We stayed two nights and dined at the restaurant on the second. They had live music and our charming waitress Gloria took the liberty of pulling us on the dance floor a time or two as her favorite song Van Morrison's "Gloria" was played twice that night. We danced the night away in that tiny little cowboy bar in the middle of nowhere Montana. A beautiful and one of a kind experience, thanks to Rene, Gloria & Glamping Hub.

The last few days of our Honeymoon consisted of driving driving driving through majestic big sky Montana. We explored Glacier National Park one day, agreeing we'd come back and spend an entire week or more just for the sake of fully experiencing the park. We stopped through many towns lining Flathead Lake, like Big Fork & Kalispell and ended up in White Fish for a few nights, at a condo right on White Fish Lake. After driving half a day south to Missoula we ended up at another beautiful airbnb flat at the top of The Wilma Concert Hall right in the middle of town. Again, agreeing we must come back to truly experience everything Missoula had to offer.

That last night in Missoula was the cherry on top, we walked around the city till the sun went down, ate sushi in town and drank a whole bottle of wine our sweet airbnb hosts gifted us. It was bitter sweet leaving the next day, 8 full days of western wilderness wonder. It was hard to leave but so sweet knowing we'd just started a lifetime of adventures like this together; forever honeymooners.


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