christa jayne

christa jayne x amuse society

Okay, okay. This has been a long time coming.

You guys, this is a special post for me. This girl, Christa Jayne (aka Cucumber - aka she calls me Stardust - aka we donned ourselves some random names during a scandalous rendezvous bachelorette weekend in Joshua Tree - aka that's where we fell in love) -- wonder of a woman gave me the honor of documenting her in her own rad pad in the middle of Hollywood one Friday evening. i really just wanted to hang out with her sweetness and show the world what dreaminess follows this girl around so i decided to make a post. i realize there are like a huge amount of photos in this post but i had a hard time narrowing down the shots; i loved them all. Especially the last series of photos in which i told her to put on an Amuse Society sequence dress and sit on her white couch, at the exact right moment for the exact dreamiest light ever - exactly; she is glowing.

Christa Jayne, with a heart of gold, is boss lady at her own online vintage boutique - Fashion or Famine  - please do yourself a favor and check her site out... i mean who doesn't love vintage levi and the raddest throwback rock band tees ever? NO ONE, OKAY? 

We ran out of time and light, but next series I do on this girl will feature her high top vans and short board skate board dance moves; no doubt.